Legal provisions

The legal provisions (in particular the Law of 31 December 1971 as amended by Act No. 91-647 of 10 July 1991 and by Law No. 2015-990 of 6 August 2015 known as “Macron”) and the professional rules of The lawyer or Deontology impose for the determination of the fee to consider several parameters in particular :

Billing Methods

Several billing methods are available for all services. They will be adapted to the needs, expectations and according to the type of legal expertise desired. Whichever system is chosen, after agreement, a written document will confirm and indicate on what precise basis the amount of the fees will be established. Anne MYNARD Law Firm is committed to this commitment to transparency. At any time during the progress of the file, upon request, a detailed statement of the operations with the time spent will be given.

Complementary fee based on the result

A fee combining a lump sum, by hours and/or another in the form of a percentage may be agreed. This does not exceed 10% VAT on the sums recovered and saved at the end of a transaction or a decision of Justice.

Hourly Billing

In the case of a one-off intervention or a possible evaluation of the time to be spent, the benefits will be invoiced on the basis of time spent and the hourly rate. Thus, the first appointment will depend on its duration. However, prior agreement with the Lawyer may be offered if a file is opened at the firm for a follow-up.

Legal Protection

Before and in agreement with Lawyer Anne MYNARD, specific conditions for persons holding legal or financial hardship insurance can be granted.

Assistance agreement

For companies or entities seeking legal oversight or partnership agreements may be established. This permanence makes it possible to strengthen in real time the development of appropriate tools and actions. Depending on demand, invoicing is offered at a selected frequency (year, semester, quarter, month, week).


The fees do not include Expenses such as: fees that the Lawyer may advance or management fees (opening fees, copies, registered mail, numerous, voluminous …); Travel expenses (hotel, train, airplane, restaurant, car rental, tolls, car parks …) or the costs of Applicants (Lawyers outside the Bar), costs of bailiffs (examples: significance X 45-90 €), Court fees, procedural expenses, tax stamps (pleadings 13 €, appeals 225 €).

Lump sum fee

Litigation or training may be subject to a lump sum. However, if an estimate of the overall cost depends on a hazard (example: search for an amicable solution, reluctant part, intervention of several parties …), an evaluation will be made as well as an agreed hourly rate.

Member of an accredited association

Anne MYNARD Law Firm is a member of a Management Association approved by the tax authorities: payment of fees by check made out to her order is accepted.