Academic Training

Lawyer Anne MYNARD is one of the few practitioners of the Bar, to hold a :

– PHD in Economics Law, International mention

The sale by electronic means (IT) in domestic, international and community law (Thesis)

– LLM, Mainz University, GERMANY

CAPA, Certificate of Aptitude for the Profession of Attorney, Dijon, FRANCE


Career Path

Lawyer Anne MYNARD training, combined with proven experience, allows Lawyer Anne MYNARD to deal with a wide range of legal, economic and business law advice and litigation, including company and family patrimonial law at national level, of course, but also as European and international levels.

Before returning to the Bar, she worked in FRANCE, then abroad, in GERMANY and CANADA.

She also worked in Vienna in AUSTRIA at the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) as a participating member in the preparation of the Projects of the New International Instruments (Future Conventions) on Electronic Funds Transfers, Data, new computer technologies.

As an attorney, Anne MYNARD started her career in important structures developing international law but also in smaller ones favoring proximity.

Creation of the Firm

Since 2001, Lawyer Anne MYNARD practices within the firm she created in LYON, which favors international and European relations, particularly Franco-German, Austrian and Swiss relations.

Since 2003, she is listed on the list of Lawyers registered with the Consulate General of GERMANY and the Consulate of AUSTRIA.

Lawyer Anne MYNARD consults in French, German and English. She has a network of correspondents in FRANCE in the big bars (PARIS, MARSEILLE…) but also abroad (GERMANY, AUSTRIA, BELGIUM, CANADA …).

Its constituents are small, medium-sized enterprises, local authorities and individuals, some of whom have been clients for many years.