Anne MYNARD Law Firm

The Anne MYNARD Law Firm intervenes in internal, European and international economic law.

“I swear, as a lawyer, to exercise my functions with dignity, conscience, independence, probity and humanity”  Oath of Lawyers




The Anne MYNARD Law Firm intervenes in internal, European and international economic law.

With a high level of professional experience, the Anne MYNARD Law Firm, created in 2001, acts transversally both in counseling and by setting up, following up an action (request or defense) before the courts or other institutions or entities.


Both in consulting and litigation matter, Anne MYNARD Law Firm is distinguished both by the ambition to develop a personalized relationship with its constituents, but also as providing added value in terms of expertise.

In accordance with the rule of the Lawyer Profession, Anne Mynard Law Firm finds the best solution for its constituents or persons who entrust the defense of their interests.
Anne MYNARD Law Firm will answer effectively the legal or judicial request, ties to having a listening attentive, independent, without belonging to any group or lobby.

Approach of Anne MYNARD Law Firm

Anne MYNARD Law Firm develops with you a tailor-made solution that ensures your legal security.

The structure of the Anne MYNARD Law Firm allows it to ensure reduced operating costs and especially a better reactivity.

It also has the great advantage of having an interlocutor from the start who remains the same, who is professionally responsible, who can be contacted and who will assist you as long as the mandate persists.

The Anne MYNARD Law Firm is solicited for advice, negotiations, patrimonial approaches, especially for other legal professionals (accountants, bailiffs, notaries …), banks, insurance companies or more generally professionals or individuals.